Karen Hawes excels at making clients feel welcomed and valued, while also taking on projects that contribute to their success. Inspired by her father’s belief in her money management skills and a friend’s invitation to join a bank, her journey into finance began over 23 years ago.

Known for her empathy and understanding across her two-plus-decade career in financial services, Karen utilizes these qualities to care for clients. She is always ready to learn or seek out those who have the answers. Prior to joining RLJ Wealth Management, Karen dedicated 22 years to Wells Fargo Bank, where she was trained by none other than Rebecca Jones. “I really enjoy working here with Rebecca helping her and her clients be successful,” Karen said, “and it still gives me the flexibility to take care of my family.”

Residing in DeLeon Springs, Florida, for the past 32 years, Karen cherishes family above all. Karen and her husband, Andy, each have two adult children, and they adopted her nephew after her brother passed away. The blended family also includes Eugene, a Shih Tzu-Poodle mix “with lots of attitude and entitlement.” When she isn’t working or spending time with her family, Karen enjoys saltwater fishing, working out and taking on DIY projects around the house — her recent favorite project was converting a porch into a Florida room for her plants.

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